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The win, win, win solution for health, the planet and animals

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What We Do

Champion Animal Free products

Our mission is to raise awareness and availability of animal free products for human health, the environment and animal welfare.

How We Help

It starts with the will to make a difference in this world

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Family Shopping

Targeted Sampling Campaigns

The animal free market can be unknown territory for any consumer interested in trying it. We can provide trained and experienced sampling staff and campaigns that allow consumers to try before they buy. Increasing sales and repeat custom expotenially.

Strategic In-Store Labeling

It can be hard for consumer to find your animal free product in any store. We can provide clear signage that allows people to identify and purchase your product/s quickly and easily. Without studying labels

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Screenshot 2022-09-28 215050 best.png
Screenshot 2022-09-28 215050 best.png

Consumer Database

Register your product in our searchable consumer database for people to discover.

Animal Free Logo Use

Register your product for the rights to use the Animal Free logo on your packaging.

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